Special sessions

Algorithmic Learning Theory

Organized by Frank Stephan and Lorenzo Carlucci

A survey of recent results on algorithmic teaching. Ziyuan Gao
Learning algebraic structures. Luca San Mauro
On the perceptron’s compression. Amir Yehudayoff
On the Interplay Between Inductive Inference of Recursive Functions, Complexity Theory and Recursive Numberings. Thomas Zeugmann

Combinatorial String Matching

Organized by Travis Gagie and Marinella Sciortino

Tree Compression with Top Trees. Inge Li Gørtz
Balancing Straight-Line Programs for Strings and Trees. Markus Lohrey
Advances in k-mer and spaced-seeds counting for alignment-free methods. Cinzia Pizzi
Recent advances in text-to-pattern distance algorithms. Przemek Uznanski

Computable Topology

Organized by Matthew de Brecht and Mathieu Hoyrup

Degrees of non-computability of homeomorphism types of Polish spaces. Takayuki Kihara
Computable analysis and classification problems. Alexander Melnikov
Topological spaces in Computable Analysis. Matthias Schröder
The enumeration degree zoo. Mariya Soskova

HAPOC session on Fairness in Algorithms

Organized by Viola Schiaffonati and Teresa Scantamburlo

Krishna Gummadi
Christoph Heitz
Teresa Scantamburlo
Anouk Ruhaak

Large Scale Bioinformatics and Computational Sciences

Organized by Gianluca Della Vedova and Iman Hajirasouliha

StreamFlow: cross-breeding cloud with HPC Marco Aldinucci
Acceleration of read mapping through hardware/software co-design. Can Alkan
Valentina Boeva
Precise pangenomic methods using genome variation graphs. Erik Garrison

Modern Aspects of Formal Languages

Organized by Markus L. Schmid and Rosalba Zizza

Hard Problems for Simple Word Equations: Understanding the
Structure of Solution Sets in Restricted Cases. Joel D. Day
Theoretical and Implementation Aspects of the Formal Language Server (LaSer). Stavros Konstantinidis
Two-dimensional codes. Maria Madonia
Formal Languages in Graph Databases and Information Extraction. Wim Martens