Download the conference poster.

Download the virtual background (png and jpeg formats)

Time Zone

The conference program is detailed on the conference website. All times are  in our local CEST timezone. A service that can help you if you are in a different time zone is

Technical details 

The main entry point to the conference is via Microsoft Teams. You will receive an email stating that you have been added to the conference team hosted at Università di Salerno (no confirmation will be asked). Afterwards you can join the conference by going to or you can install the teams client.

There you can find a distinct channel for each talk. We will use the channels as the only way to ask questions and communicate with the speaker during the talks. This is necessary to guarantee that the speakers are not interrupted untimely, since we have more than 300 registered participants.

Those channels have the added benefit that they are available for the entire duration of the conference, so you will be able to discuss the talk even after (or before) the presentation.

The presentation will be live streamed via Zoom ( No talk will be recorded, for privacy reasons. Each channel will clearly display the zoom link that you can use to connect to the video presentation.

We also have an Announcements channel that will be used to broadcast relevant and urgent information (only the organizers can post there). The General channel can be used for any kind of discussion, while the Help_Me channel is for help requests.

How to behave?

During the Zoom meeting, our setting will be that your microphone will be muted by default. If you wish to ask a question, please use the dedicated Teams channel. The session chair is the only one that can evaluate if the question is sufficiently urgent to interrupt the speaker (e.g. part of a slide is unreadable). Moreover, at the end of the talk the session chair will determine which questions should be answered first and will relay the questions to the speaker.

Any technical questions may be asked on the Help_Me channel.

We invite you to turn on your webcam during the conference, so that speakers can talk to an actual audience. This is not a requirement, so if you really feel uncomfortable, you can do differently.

Please keep in mind that due to the current global situation, some of us may be experiencing difficult times in their life. Moreover, this online setting is new to most of us. So please, be tolerant and forgiving.

During the registration step, you have chosen to abide to the CiE Anti-Harassment Policy. The organizers are committed to have a welcoming environment for everybody and are going to enforce this policy. Their decision on whether your behavior is inappropriate and all consequences on such a decision is final. This includes a possible ban from the conference. If you feel to be the victim of inappropriate behavior, please contact the organizer chairs (Marcella Anselmo and Gianluca Della Vedova) immediately via a direct Teams message, so that your privacy is protected.

Social interactions

We want to encourage social interactions, as these are a very important part of scientific conferences. For this, during the breaks, we will use the, a system that allows to meet participants. We encourage you to make yourself available to meet other participants, to make this a fruitful meeting! At the same time, Teams offers the possibility of meeting with any other participants, in case you want to talk with someone you already know.

We do not provide any shared working space (e.g. whiteboard) but if needed you may use some suitable on-line tools, for example